Using Sidekicks

How to Get the Most Out of Sidekicks


You Be the Sidekick

You play the role of the Sidekick and chat with your child about the things they love. Keep the conversation going; use our embedded YouTube search to find content your child loves.

With Your Support Team

Build out your support team by adding your child's teacher or therapist. Listen to clips from their weekly sessions and hear your child's progress for yourself.

Fizbit, the Automated Sidekick

Let Fizbit, our always-available, automated Sidekick entertain your child with conversation, jokes, and fun facts. Your child can talk to Fizbit or type a reply.

Create a Routine

Creating a routine is important to get the most out of Sidekicks. While there is no “right” amount to use, parents whose kids chat regularly with their Sidekick have reported an increase in sentence length and their child’s ability to respond to questions independently after 8 -10 sessions of 30 minutes each.
He has come so far since the Sidekicks sessions have begun! He is engaging more and thinking up appropriate responses. He is analyzing emotions and engaging in conversation in ways we never thought possible.
A Sidekicks mom of 14-year old boy