What is Affinity Counseling?

Affinity Counseling refers to a series of counseling techniques designed by The Affinity Project. Said techniques draw inspiration from various established counseling paradigms (peer-to-peer, therapist-to-patient, etc.) while also departing from them in several key ways. Though there are a myriad of attributes that characterize Affinity Counseling, the following three are most central;

Affinity Counseling is counselee-directed - The flow and subjects of the session are determined and guided by the counselee.

Affinity Counseling is affinity-centered - Conversation takes the counselee’s chosen affinity as its starting point and allows that affinity to inform and shape the session.

Affinity Counseling is non-judgemental - Affinity Counselors are not there to critique the content a counselee chooses. Instead, counselors are there to be a support and to seek understanding and insights first.

Who am I likely speaking with?

The Affinity Project (TAP) prides itself in recruiting a uniquely diverse team of counselors who come from different backgrounds and who each have a different array of experiences and interests. Our counselors are mental health specialists, recreational therapists, teachers, psychologists-in-training, development researchers - the list goes on. The one thing they all share is a commitment to helping others in ways that both break away from and simultaneously supplement traditional mental health treatment paradigms.

What does sidekicks monthly get me?

*** wait to decide what different tiers actually get you***

Where is my money going?

Our payment structure is arranged differently from many other companies; a majority of the money you spend goes directly to your counselor (roughly $3 out of every $5 spent). This sets up counselors to make $18/hour (for comparison, the average UberX driver earns $13.70 an hour). We’ve found this model enables us to have the most robust, experienced, and competitive pool of potential counselors to choose from, which in turn means a higher quality counseling experience for you.

The remaining $2 are used to pay and develop the sidekicks.com/TAP team as well as foster the growth of other TAP projects that improve the experiences of neurodiverse and non-neurodiverse populations.

Why are session limits set up the way they are?

The imposed limit to the number of sessions is there first and foremost to protect particular neurodiverse populations from spending more time on the service than is intended or desired. Additionally, our subscription model serves to insure that there is a cap on how much any one individual can spend on Affinity Counseling in a given time frame. The Affinity Project (TAP) seeks to be inclusive in every sense. At the center of that is placing the safety of the Sidekicks experience for all persons as paramount.

Why do sessions get redirected if they do?

Sessions are redirected if the counselor in the session decides that the material being shared by the user is either a) emotionally salient to the point of being above what the counselor feels he/she/[they] can handle b) inappropriate in nature. TAP stands behind the rights of counselors to look out for their own personal wellbeing before seeking to improve the wellbeing of others. This, too, falls within TAP’s  ethos surrounding the safety of the Sidekicks experience.

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, please email tripp@sidekicks.com.
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