How Sidekicks Works


From your computer, you'll control an electronic puppet that your child carries on their phone.

Wherever they are, they can talk to the puppet and you can hear it and respond.

Talk about their day, tasks, feelings, or just have fun - it’s up to you...and them!

Research Supports Sidekicks


of the ASD community have reported having a strong interest or affinity.

According to recent research

affinities activate the brain regions associated with social functioning — long thought to be less responsive in those with ASD (Foss-Feig, 2016).


In early Sidekicks testing

parents using Sidekicks, for 10 or more sessions, saw improvement in their child’s ability to identify and regulate their emotions, as well as form independent questions.

Affinities can be used

to reinforce learning, helping individuals with autism to gain new, adaptive responses and build emotional, sensory, and fine motor skills (Charlop-Christy et al., 1998; Charlop et al., 1990; Winter-Messiers, 2007).

The Sidekicks program could help [him] with so many things.. Expressive language/ conversation/ social skills and fluency... He had the biggest smile/ loved the whole experience.
A mother after first trying Coach on Demand
My son is absolutely loving it!! I see so many possibilities for this app to help build his communication skills and I can see how I'm going to be able to use to assist with homeschooling. That is exciting!!
A mother after first trying Sidekicks