Research Supports Sidekicks

According to recent research

these deep passions, or affinities, activate the brain regions associated with social functioning — long thought to be less responsive in those with ASD (Foss-Feig, 2016).

Affinities can be used

to reinforce learning, helping individuals with autism to gain new, adaptive responses and build emotional, sensory, and fine motor skills (Charlop-Christy et al., 1998; Charlop et al., 1990; Winter-Messiers, 2007).

In early Sidekicks testing

parents using Sidekicks, for 10 or more sessions, saw improvement in their child’s ability to identify and regulate their emotions, as well as form independent questions.

Will's Story

Will, 11, has difficulty deciphering social situations. Sidekicks has helped him develop skills to interact with peers and even deal with difficult situations.
Sidekicks cuts through the difficult part of interactions for the kids so their parents have another mode for engaging them… This is definitely the best social communication app I have come across that reaches our special population in the way they can readily respond and open up to, helping them to connect more with others.
Bonnie, Will’s Mom