Feeling anxious? Float anonymously with a Sidekick. $5/session. If you don’t feel an immediate reduction in your anxiety, money back guarantee.

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Sidekicks! lets you communicate anonymously – and safely – with someone about what you love. Whether you’re a fan of Disney, Cats, or Punk Rock, we’ll match you up with someone who can share in your Affinity.

This service is being developed by The Affinity Project (TAP) – an organization dedicated to using Affinity as a mechanism for more open and meaningful communication.

We are all living and feeling the anxiety of this moment. Luckily enough, we have a place to turn - our passions, interests, and skills. This our big bet - that what we love can tip the balance, can recenter us again when we need it most. Let an Affinity Specialist – what we call a Sidekick help you find calm by tapping into what matters to you.

Here’s what we offer you: a comfortable setting and an empathetic listener – an ally with the shared goal of helping you feel better through exploring the things you love. Don’t feel better by the end of your session? We’ll refund you in full - no questions asked.


What is Affinity Counseling?

Affinity Counseling refers to a series of techniques developed by The Affinity Project (TAP). These techniques draw inspiration from established counseling principles, peer-reviewed research, and the Suskind family’s 20+ years of experience learning to engage with their son, Owen, through his affinities. Their story can be found here:

At the core, Affinity Counseling is: 

Counselee-directed - You get to dictate the flow and content of the session. It’s about what you love.

Non-judgemental and non-directive - We are not here to critique or weigh in or tell you how to be. We’re here to listen, to be attentive, and to be present with you.

Affinity-centered -
The content we embrace is a mirror in which we see ourselves and a window through which others can know you. Sharing it forms a safe place to gather. 

Who am I speaking with?

The Affinity Project prides itself in recruiting a uniquely diverse team of Sidekicks who come from a host of backgrounds and who each have a different array of experiences and interests. Among our Sidekicks are designers, teachers, computer scientists, recreational therapists, and mental health specialists.

We are not licensed or certified mental health professionals, nor do we want you to see us as such. We are people living the same lives as you, trying to make the very most of our experiences and, we hope, helping others to do the same. 

What if I have a serious medical or psychological issue?

Counselees with a serious medical or psychological issue will be immediately referred to a medical professional.

Where is my money going?

Our payment structure is arranged differently from many other companies’; a majority of the money you spend goes directly to your Sidekick (roughly $3 out of every $5 spent). This sets up specialists to make $18/hour (for comparison, the average UberX driver earns $13.70 an hour). We’ve found this model enables us to have the most robust, experienced, and competitive pool of specialists to choose from, which in turn means a higher quality experience for you.

The remaining $2 are used to pay and develop the team as well as foster the growth of other TAP projects that improve the experiences of neurodiverse and non-neurodiverse populations.

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